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Template Splash Review – Video & Landing Page Templates

Template Splash Review  It’s no secret that YouTube and Video Marketing, in general, has absolutely exploded in popularity over the last several years. With Billions of video being uploaded daily, the advertising and marketing opportunities for businesses on YouTube has never been so wide open. I saw this explosion beginning to take place back in 2014 and that shifted my focus entirely to video marketing.

When I first got started it was HARD to make money with video. For one creating videos was a Huge Pain! Not only were they extremely time-consuming and expensive they weren’t even that great! While I was running ads to some degree of success for myself and my clients it was still a really tough sell and we knew there was a better way. After extensive research of what was working for the big brands out there, we discovered these “video landing pages” were killing it on the web.

After extensive research of what was working for the big brands out there, James Okeke discovered these “video landing pages” and its nowhere killing it on the web.

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Excellent! Highly Recommended !!

Discover how to Create STUNNING Videos and landing pages in Minutes that Sell for Top Dollar and Convert Like Crazy…plus get that “Big Brand” look for a FRACTION of What Those Guys Pay!

Easy To Use

Template Splash Overview:

Vendor James Okeke
Product Template Splash Vol 1
Price $47
Refund Policy 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Experts Opinion Amazing Product, Recommended

Template Splash Pros & Cons:


  • Newbie friendly & easy to use
  • Get over 50 Premium Templates
  • Get one video editor  and a few other related tools


  • The price is little up in my opinion

What Is Template Splash Vol 1?

Video & Landing Page Templates – Vol 1. Discover how to Create STUNNING Videos and landing pages in Minutes that Sell for Top Dollar and Convert Like Crazy…Plus get that “Big Brand” look for a FRACTION of What Those Guys Pay!”

These Videos and HTML 5 Landing Page Templates are So Compelling they Literally Sell Themselves…

While most video marketers are out there using old used up styles of videos big brands are killing it with “Video Landing Pages”. These blow other styles out of the water when it comes to engagement which we all know is the key to making sales.

Template Splash Vol 1 Key Features:

With this exclusive offer, you get complete developer rights as a bonus …Plus you get access to OVER 50 Premium Spokes Person Style Videos and Landing Page Templates! You can sell these templates for top dollar, use them to drive tons of cheap traffic or anything you can think of with unlimited usage

The Collection is of Over 50 “Video and HTML 5 Landing Page Templates” Work Seamlessly with…

How Template Splash Vol 1 Works?

  1. When You Take Advantage of this Exclusive Launch Special to get our Grandfather pricing and access to the collection for pennies on the dollar!
  2. After your purchase, you’ll have instant access to the entire collection.
  3. Then simply upload the video into your favorite editor (or use the one we provided for you) to customize and publish your video!
  4. From there you can use these videos on the landing pages to run high converting Ads (see bonuses below), convert buyers, close local clients or sell the templates directly to them for an easy $1500 and up! It’s that simple!

What You’ll Get When You Buy Template Splash Vol 1?

  1. 50 “Spokes Person Style” videos: You get Over 50 Videos to choose from in a WIDE VARIETY of Niches. You can even sell multiple videos to the same clients or offer a recurring model for new videos regularly.
  2. 50 Done For You Niche Landing Page Template: You also get landing page templates in HTML 5 format, already done for you, just switch out the video to fit a particular niche and update the copy to suit your business or for your clients.
  3. Ready to Go “Out of the Box”: They’ve crafted these templates specifically with generic voice-overs and copy so that you can use them right out of the box! Just simply add your client’s info and you were done, it’s that simple!
  4. Simple and Easy to Customize: If you would like to customize these templates you can do anything you need, from adding or removing the voice tracks, copy and more. Plus they are compatible with all the popular editors.
  5. Bonus Video Editor: Customize Your Videos in Minutes with Our Bonus Editor!

Template Splash Sales Funnel & Pricing:

Template Splash Vol 1 $47
Agency Reseller Site $97
Self Hosted WhiteLabel $197

Template Splash Demo:

Click Any Link Below–

Why Should You Buy Template Splash Vol 1?

Well,…you could either buy all the components of the templates yourself including editing software and learn how to create these templates. Not only is that extremely time consuming but it also gets expensive quickly which ultimately cuts into YOUR profits. I mean just check out what you can expect to pay for one decent clip. Your other option (until now) would be to pay an expensive video creator or HTML programmer to make these templates for you but again this cuts into your profits!

I want you to be able to take advantage of this amazing trend in marketing with having to deal without any of those headaches other marketers face. That’s why they are giving you a solution that would allow you to create and sell these templates over and over for one low cost.

What Are Experts Saying About Template Splash?

When I realized how potent these templates are I began to see the possibilities are almost endless, that time I started writing a review on this amazing Template Splash Vol 1 Product! You can use these templates to create more engaging content that stands out across blogs and social media… FANTASTIC for running ads. With these “templates,” your conversions will skyrocket!! The “secret sauce” to these templates is the way they draw the user in and get them to connect with the message.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen plenty of boring ads that you instantly skip or tune out…everybody hates ads like those! Times have changed my friend, the market has shifted and it’s up to YOU to adapt…and it’s really pretty simple. All you have to do is give people what they actually want!

Why show them ads that you KNOW a huge percentage won’t blink an eye at when you can CAPTIVATE them using beautiful Video and HTML 5 landing page templates!

Template Splash Review – Conclusion:


Which is why it’s such a critical element to your success! Not only can you get dirt cheap traffic but like I’ve mentioned you can sell these types of templates for top dollar to local clients. The going rate for templates like these start at $1500 and up! Can you imagine what it would be like to sell these videos like hot cakes at those prices? What if it was pure profit?

Just imagine what a handful of template sales would do for your life…and your business. If you just sold one template a week that’s an extra $6k in income monthly! Then what if you upsold those clients into monthly marketing on YouTube for $1k a month and say…half took up upon it. That’s a total of $9k from just selling four templates that literally sell themselves! Rinse and repeat that for three months…you can do the math from there I’m sure.

So, finally, I think on my Template Splash Vol 1 Review I have given you some good reason to buy this amazing product. Now, if you really want to buy this then buy this Now, Yea because the price will be rising and I don’t want you to pay more for a product you could get for the much lower price. Click the button below and you will be landed on the Template Splash Vol 1 sales page, just pay them and you will receive your product instantly. Enjoy!!

Bonus #1: Video Editor

From beginners to super advanced video editing. This editor has you covered. Trim, cut, split, merge, rotate and mix videos with ease. Select from tons of innovative video effects and transitions. Insert audio, text comments and subtitles and lots more.

Bonus #2 – Local Offline Objections Pack

With this guide, you’ll be equipped with everything you will need to know about client objections and templates to use to counter them. You will also be exposed to ways of controlling the number of objections your business gets. You’ll also get tons of extra information on the common misconceptions of objections…and much more!

Bonus #3 – Sales Letter Titans

Grab The Most Unique 100 Sales Letters Targeting 100 of the Most Lucrative Niches in the World! You should know by now that sales are the gateway to online riches. If you can’t sell, then you will be broke. Knowing how to sell make sure you will be fed a long time. One good letter means tons of customers over and over again. It’s almost a turning on a tap.

This package is so massive that we’ve broken them down into 10 components!

Here’s How To Claim All The Bonuses
Step #1

Buy “Template Splash Vol 1” Through The Button Below

Get Instant Access to the Template Splash Vol 1 Collection of Over 50 Video And Html 5 Landing Page And The Above 3 Exclusive Bonuses Right Now!!

Step #2

Bonuses Instant Delivery

After your purchase is complete, all the bonuses above will be waiting for you inside the
JVZoo’s Customer Portal after your purchase to “Template Splash Vol 1


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