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Breakfast Embed 2 Review – True Copy & Paste Income

Breakfast Embed 2

True Copy & Paste Income


Hi, Thank you for checking out my ‘Breakfast Embed 2 Review’Please continue to learn all the secrets about ‘Breakfast Embed 2′.

It keeps happening to you… over and over again.

You keep starting “something new,” with all of the excitement and good intentions in the world… only to give up and start yet ANOTHER project a week or two later.

You find yourself in a perpetual state of starting… but never seem to stick around long enough to see what happens.

Why is that?

You know, I can tell you exactly why..?

We all know that everyday thousands of people all over the world are trying to jump into the Internet Marketing industry,because, they like the flexibility of working from home and living  a better life. While the belief is true, not anyone who joins the industry can get any profit out of it. You always need a particular edge.

And this is where the ‘Breakfast Embed 2′ kicks in. This is a 19 module of video course where the author shows you everything from A to Z about how to make money online working only 30 mins to 60 mins everyday at your breakfast time.

In the following review, I’ll be showing you everything you can expect if you would decide to purchase this product as well as whether I would personally recommend this to you guys or not.

Stay tuned, as I thoroughly review this program and give you guys the scoop on whether it is an awesome make money online program or if this is nothing more than a scam that you should stay far far away.

This Breakfast Embed 2 Review will help you make a perfect buying decision.


Vendor Lee Murry
Product Breakfast Embed 2
Price $5
Refund Policy YES, 30 Days
Experts Opinion See Below

Pros & Cons:


  • Step by step over the shoulder training videos
  • All done for you system
  • Follow the copy and paste system and it works
  • You don’t have to sell anything and the method works fast


  • You have to work consistently and on a regular basis
  • Would love to see more case studies
  • Saw a lot of OTO’s

What Is BreakFast Embed 2?

BreakFast Embed 2 is a over the shoulder 19 module of video course which will let you watch Lee Murry ( the product creator) build an entire profitable business from scratch.  You’ll watch him buy a new domain, install it on my server, configure his site and autoresponder, set up all of his tools, and drive traffic..Almost anything or everything needed to build a profitable business or a system which will generate you income on a daily basis and build you a passive income for you.

Everything is covered, from A to Z, in this ultra-complete course that absolutely anyone can follow… newbie and grizzled vet alike.

About Author:

Breakfast Embed 2 has been created by Lee Murry an welknown product creator for his great released products. A 6 year IM veterans who have products a lot of IM courses including ‘Email Slick’, ’21 and Done’, ‘Sales Funnel Supreme’, ‘Health Funnel Gold’ etc.. To date he has been awarded WSO of the day 5 times so far. He loves creating & performing interesting musics, creating Intenet Marketing products, and fathering hos 5 year old son.

What Are The Key Features?

As a proud graduate of the BE2 Training Program, you’ll be…

  • Building a following that ultimately ends up building itself!
  • Building an email list that brings you traffic and income for life!
  • Enjoying organic search engine traffic… totally by accident!
  • Sharing extremely awesome stuff with very interested people!
  • Gaining raving fans left and right!
  • Working toward “completion,” where you can walk away forever (if you want)!
  • Earning money from multiple sources!
  • Getting paid in many ways on many different days… you’ll always have something to look forward to!
  • Building authority, even though the content isn’t coming directly from you!
  • Killing it with the easiest email marketing you’ve ever seen… it’s like nothing else!
  • Creating assets (video blogs) that you can SELL for BIG paydays!
  • Operating within niches that you absolutely LOVE!
  • Working just 30-60 minutes (up to 2 hours maximum) per day!

This Is Truly the EASIEST, Most Focused Solution to BIG Online Income You’ll Find Anywhere!
And here’s why…

  • You’re about to KNOW with crystal clarity EXACTLY what to do each day! No guesswork whatsoever!
  • The content is already done for you… and it’s a never-ending supply!
  • There’s an “end game” built right in. You perform your simple daily tasks “x” number of times, and you can walk away and watch the money keep pouring in!
  • You need not rely on Google, YouTube, or any “rankings system” that is outside of your control. If you can “copy and paste,” you’ll make it!
  • You’re still going to enjoy FREE, organic search engine traffic… you just won’t have to depend on it in order to enjoy the business of a lifetime!
  • You never have to sell anything! Ever!
  • The money you’re about to earn is gonna come in quickly and ethically!
  • The stuff you’re sharing with the world is really going to help, educate, entertain, and inspire people… and you never even have to think about it!

What Will You Get Inside Breakfast Embed 2?

Inside Breakfast Embed 2 you will see 19 modules of step by step video training with one advanced strategy module. And the video modules are exactly as below–

Video #1 – Setting Up Shop
Video #2 – Branding & Theme
Video #3 – Analytics & Plugins
Video #4 – Legal Pages
Video #5 – Embedding Videos
Video #5B – Your Favicon
Video #5C – Your Gravatar
Video #6 – Written Content
Video #7 – Social Accounts
Video #8 – Premium Theme & Plugins (Optional)
Video #9 – Monetization
Video #10 – Traffikrr Theme
Video #11 – Traffikrr Plugin
Video #12 – Your Simple-Ass Lead Capture System
Video #13 – Twitter Profile Tweaks
Video #14 – Promoting Each Post
Video #15 – Growing Your Twitter Following and Getting FB Likes
Video #16 – Your Daily Tasks…
Video #17 – A Day In the Life Of…
Video #18 – Email Marketing
Video #19 – Conclusion
Bonus Video #1 – Advanced Strategy

3 Bonus Download Link

How Does It Works?

Well, the working process is not complicated at all. It is so simple. You watch each video module which is step by step over the shoulder case study. You follow the steps what lee is shopwing on his videos, copy them and exactly paste them and keep watching your business growing and success.

Sales Funnel & Pricing:

Breakfast Embed 2 $5
BE Lite for BE2 – BE2 DS $4.95
“Day In the Life Of” Advanced Training – BE2 OTO1 $19.95
Master Spintax Article – BE2 OTO2 $29.95
Master Article Lifetime Updates – BE2 OTO3 $47
Granddaddy – BE2 OTO4 $97

Who Should Buy Breakfast Embed 2?

1. Perfect for NEWBIES!

If you’re only just getting started in the world of online money-making and haven’t made much, if anything online yet…

Breakfast Embed 2 is about to take you from the very ground floor and walk you all the way up to the penthouse! I leave absolutely no stone unturned. Remember, this course consists of more than 19 videos! And they’re not short little 5-minute suckers.

This is perhaps the most comprehensive, detailed, and meticulously-crafted online money-making training you’ve seen in a long time, if not ever.

You need no special skills or talent.

You need no experience.

All you need are a few simple tools, the proper setup, and a burning desire.

2. Perfect for Affiliates!

By simply, yet strategically including affiliate banners on your site and integrating affiliate links into your written content as per my instructions inside the training, you can make all the affiliate commissions you want, totally hands-free!

Of course, you’ll still need to “perform your daily tasks” enough times and grow your audience large enough to reach critical mass… but it’s a mathematical certain that you will!

Just keep with it until you’ve reached your “end game.”

Once that’s happened, you should have no trouble enjoying daily commissions on (oh gosh, here comes that stinkin’ word) complete autopilot! 🙂

3. Perfect for Product Creators!

Lee actually designed this system for himself!


Because as much as he love creating money-making courses that help good folks earn good, respectable online incomes for themselves, He found that he was having a bit of difficulty when it came to continually driving traffic to my older offers.

Sure, the buyers lists he built have sustained him plenty well, and each new product launch brings about tons of success and excitement…

But when the launch is over, the sales tend to lighten significantly.

He knew he needed a system by which he could keep ALL of his offers fed with fresh eyeballs of interested people. In other words, he wanted each launch to last a lifetime. 🙂

While it’s yet to be determined if that will happen, what I can tell you is that when you use “Breakfast Embed 2” style content (essentially turning it into a glorified resource box), you will have hundreds or even thousands of eyeballs on your offers (either your own offers, affiliate offers, or both) each and every day of the week, week in and week out.

It’s a mathematical certainty!


There is something else that i think i should share with you so you get more clear idea about Breakfast Embed 2 from this Breakfast Embed 2 Review before buying this or invest on this training program..

1. Practicality:

Unlike other courses which content is mainly focused on theory and unpractical lessons that have never been tested before, Breakfast Embed 2 is basically a case study what exactly Lee Murry has done to create or build a profitable business from scratch.

This also explains why this course is a Goldmine for newbies. Understanding the hardship of starting everything from scratch, they have made everything with simplicity and clear explanation why, how and where? to provide the clear guidelines as much as possible.

2. Affordability:

With a lot of content inside the package,it is surprised to find out that Breakfast Embed 2 has been launched with a very affordable price. Although there are some slight points i quite dislike. I hope vendors will update it in near future and the updates will be of course free of charge.

3. Reliability:

You might have heard about a bunch of push button profits or get rich quick scheme. Breakfast Embed 2 is not like them. This is a genuine method which will work slowly but bring you steady income and has a lot of potentials. To get profits you have to work on a regular basis and build your business slowly everyday and thus it will bring you tons of money.

If you’re looking to push a magic button that makes you rich overnight, this is also NOT for you. If you’re willing to put in some upfront work to build assets that feed you and your loved ones for years to come, then you can buy this.

Experts Opinion:

Breakfast Embed 2 is a solid training program with a price of just $5.75 – a decent price for anyone and everyone who are looking for a great training program which can change their lives and change their business. $5 is a price can pay anyone and is really affordable and way too less than the quality for the product you are going to get.

In this Breakfast Embed 2 Review, want to share something more —

First of all- these videos are very short and straight to the point, neat and simple. It won’t take a lot of time, barely would take a day to go over all of them and it really saves a lot of time. Besides, the after sales program is really a great offer from the vendor. The 30 Days money back guarantee is on the table if you choose to buy this product. Its really sounds great to get a period to test the product at least to checkout if the product really worth it or not.

9.4 Total Score
Excellent! Step By Step!!

You'll watch him buy a new domain, install it on my server, configure his site and autoresponder, set up all of his tools, and drive traffic..Almost anything or everything needed to build a profitable business or a system which will generate you income on a daily basis and build you a passive income for you.

Easy To Use

Breakfast Embed 2 Review – Conclusion:

Finally, From experts point of view, Breakfast Embed 2 is a valuable tool for the online marketing career. Inside this system, there is no puzzle, no hassle and no stone left upturned. Once you get used to the method you will find yourself sticking to it every day. The profit comes on a daily basis without any complicated maintenance.

In a nutshell, Breakfast Embed 2 is a trustworthy and cogent step by step training guide for those who want to leverage the power of real working method and consistent work. If you desire to start and establish your own online business empire and making massive amounts of daily profits , then this course is exactly what you need.

Last but not least, I believe that my Breakfast Embed 2 Review has shown you another perspective of this amazing training program, thus making this easier for you to decide why should you buy this training. Good luck and thank you very much for taking your time and reading Breakfast Embed 2 Review.

Bonus #1 – Breakfast Embed

Value: $47

This is the book that started it all! While this differs pretty significantly from the strategy laid out in BE2, it still has plenty of merit…In fact, you can use it in conjunction with BE2 for even greater results! You can visit the Breakfast Embed sales page to learn all about it. There, you will discover that this bad boy is selling (quite well) at $27. Today, however, it’s yours for giving BE2 a try!

Bonus #2 – BE Lite

Value: $19.95

Dang it to heck! I don’t have an image for “BE Lite.” So I guess this average-looking human will have to suffice. Rats. 🙂 So this is actually a VERY powerful addition to the “Breakfast Embed 2” package, as it really streamlines the process… and your results! I recommend going through “BE Lite” BEFORE going through “BE2.” Why? Because it will give you a clear and immediate overview of precisely what it is we’re looking to accomplish.

Bonus #3 – Shiny Object Lemonade

Value: $47

“Shiny Object Lemonade” is my all-time bestseller! And today, it’s yours free! Worth well more than the cost of admission to this entire offer, this book will show you how to finally overcome shiny object syndrome once and for all. The reviews I’ve gotten on this are astounding. Well-respected marketers all over the world have raved about how this single training has changed them. The best part is that it can be used in concert with “Breakfast Embed 2,” on the very same blog! True consolidation!

More Bonuses Inside!

In addition, in the members area you’ll find:

  • Bonus videos (advanced)
  • Unadvertised bonuses
  • An invitation (and special 66% discount) to my 1-on-1 BE Coaching
  • Much more!

The value of these bonuses is well into the hundreds, but today you get them all as part of this special launch promotion. Take advantage now. No regrets, okay?

Here’s How To Claim All The Bonuses

Step #1

Buy “Breakfast Embed 2” Through The Button Below

DON’T FORGET to pick up the OTO/Upsell Offer… You’ll Get BIGGER Package With

Better tools and information… PLUS… MORE Bonuses

Step #2

Bonuses Instant Delivery

After your purchase is complete, all the bonuses above will be waiting for you inside the
WarriorPlus Customer Portal after your purchase to “Breakfast Embed 2

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