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Local Landing Page Pack Review – 10 DFY Landing Pages For Local Businesses

Local Landing Page Pack Review

10 DFY Landing Pages For Local Businesses

Local Landing Page Pack Review- Recently, when I’m doing a research about PPC marketing campaigns of local business for my PPC ad managing service, I realized a shocking truth…

The pages that they PAY to drive EACH AND EVERY VISITOR to don’t even have enough information that a potential customer needs.

If you’re doing local marketing, you probably realized that.

Or just do some local keyword searches (business type + city) and you will see.

This happens with display ads too.

I’ve contacted several businesses and asked why they didn’t use a landing page or at least, a better-looking website.

Guess why?

Yes, mostly because it was too expensive!

Some ‘website design’ guys are charging hundreds for a single landing page and thousands for a website, which are always beyond the marketing budget of most local businesses.

Competing with others is getting harder and harder nowadays, and when they pay more to win a visitor to their ‘online front desk’, they’re out of money to take care of the prospect.

That’s sad, but when someone needs a local service and comes to a website that is lack of information, they will leave instantly.

And as a result, the whole PPC campaign is just like throwing money out of the window.

You know, a landing page is not something new these days. It’s an ‘ancient’ thing in the marketing world. But not everyone knows how to do it the right way, even after the release of many landing page software.

Well, now you can scroll down to read my Local Landing Page Pack Review to find out more about Local Landing Page Pack … You will learn a lot of things about Local Landing Page Pack  before buying…

9.2 Total Score
Great Looking Landing Pages!!

Local Landing Page Pack is a landing page package consists of 10 high-quality landing pages for 10 different types of business and, Local Landing Page Pack provides you with ready-to-use landing page copy and free-to-use images.

Easy To Use

Local Landing Page Pack Overview:

Vendor Vu Binh Minh
Product Local Landing Page Pack vol.1
Price $13.95
Refund Policy YES, 30 Days
Experts Opinion Recommended

Local Landing Page Pack Pros & Cons:


  • High-quality design
  • Easy to use and edit
  • Ready to use format
  • All templates loads fast
  • Mobile friendly designs
  • Great features and price


  • Only cover 10 types of business
  • They don’t have Drag & drop editing option

What Is Local Landing Page Pack?

Local Landing Page Pack is a landing page package consists of 10 high-quality landing pages for 10 different types of business and, Local Landing Page Pack provides you with ready-to-use landing page copy and free-to-use images. Just insert the info of local business to the ‘blanks’ and the pages will be ready to use.Other landing page template sellers only provide the templates with sample headlines like ‘This is eye-catching… attention-grabbing headline’, text like ‘lorem ispum dolor sit amet’, and you will not get any images in the download because they use stock photos.

Local Landing Page Pack Key Features:

  • Designed to convert
  • Easy to edit
  • Ready to use after adding information
  • Super-fast to load
  • Mobile-friendly

Designed For These 10 Types Of Local Business

  1. Pediatrician
  2. Pest Control
  3. Painting Contractor
  4. Physical Therapist
  5. Personal Injury Lawyer
  6. Bankruptcy Lawyer
  7. Insurance Agency
  8. Dermatologist
  9. Electrician
  10. Bookkeeper

Demo Of Local Landing Page Pack:

What You Get With Local Landing Page Pack?

  • You get 10 different types of business niche,well-designed landing pages
  • You get stunning designing landing pages that convert crazily
  • You get ready to use copy and images
  • Easy to follow instruction to edit the landing pages

How To Make Money With Local Landing Page Pack?

  1. There are many ways to make money with Local Landing Page Pack. Here are some of my own, based on my experience:
  2. You can sell the landing page individually to a local business for no less than $97. I’d recommend you charge around $197 for a landing page.
  3. You can structure a “hybrid pay per call agreement” where you charge less up front for the page, but they would pay you for each Phone Call generated. This would make more sense to charge $97 for the page and then $$ Per Call!
  4. You can set up equity deals where you basically give the landing page away to a business (after you have an agreement in place) in exchange for a cut of all the sales generated through the landing page. I’ve found a 10% to 15% of gross sales agreement works well.
  5. You can even invest your own money to run PPC campaign, forward the leads and phone calls to businesses and charge from $50 per phone call (depends on business type)
  6. Or if you can do other services, giving away a landing page to local business will make you a REAL pro and give you a HUGE opportunity to propose more high-end services later.

Experts Opinion:

Obviously, you can technically go hire someone to create your own landing page or buy a landing page builder and try to create something similar yourself. I’m sure you are enough good at math … that’s literally $2,787- $3K for 10 landing pages what you have to pay to your contractors. And that doesn’t count an undefined amount of TIME you’d have to waste going back and forth with the software trying to “make it look better”

That is a complete TIME SUCK and it is NOT a fun process. Remember, time is our most valuable asset in life because it is the only thing that doesn’t replenish. So I think you should use the little time you have available to instead use my landing pages and spend your time actually MAKING MONEY WITH THEM.


Well, In a nutshell, Local Landing Page Pack is a trustworthy and cogent tool for those who want to leverage the power of high converting landing pages and conversions.If you desire to start and establish your own online business empire and making massive amounts of daily profits, then this Local Landing Page Pack is exactly what you need.

Last but not least, I believe that my Local Landing Page Pack Review has shown you another perspective of this Local Landing Page Pack tool, thus making this easier for you to decide why should you buy Local Landing Page Pack. Good luck and thank you very much for taking your time and reading Local Landing Page Pack Review.

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